Friday, 18 April 2014

Free car savings update no 7


Cue the rocky theme music, today for the first time since I started I hit a mental road block "Hey, why bother? This is too hard!" WRONG I can do this, so I promptly went onto the fiat forum to read more about Sisleys, there is a brilliant example of one selling right now, I want it so badly but the timing isnt right. GOT.TO.STAY.MOTIVATED my views on youtube have finally started to climb again, so thinking up some more ideas more videos. In the meantime here is this weeks tale of the tape:

Nectar Points-£10.83
Paid Survey sites-£54.95
Coin Jar-£82.07
Side Hustle Savings-£62.06

Liquid Total-£157.35

So a jump in liquid total (which I find myself being more and more interested in) of about a fiver. No great shakes there then, but its good progress, so I am gonna keep making it.

Keep Hustlin.


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