Saturday, 10 October 2015

Financial motivational Speech 2015

99% of people who are rich were not born into money. The people who are can not truely appreciate it because they dont know any different. Coming from nothing, starting from scratch, these are the lessons that money literally cannot buy. But everyone in history who has started from having nothing, lived in poverty, not had parents who handed everything to them on a silver platter, has started with exactly what you, or I have. A dream. A goal. A burning desire to make something of themselves, and the Iron will to make it happen. Taking a look at their situation, or their surroundings, and making a promise to themselves that they will change their stars. Each and every one of them waking up every morning and saying “Today I will be one day closer to my goal” That goal is not usually just to have money. More than that they want to provide their families, friends and themselves with a great life. To do that they use the same tools that you or I have, and will always have. Wanting better for yourself is not a bad thing, its a very good thing in many ways. The unshakeable notion that you deserve better, and that, perhaps even more importantly, the people you love deserve better.

The climb to the peak of the mountain will not be easy. There will be many days when you think “I cant do this, I am working all the hours I am physically capable of, my mind is exhausted with trying to think on more ways to save, economise and utilise my skills and assets to aquire more money and better circumstances, I cant do this” and the people who have achieved their goals, have CERTAINLY thought this way too at times. Each and every one of us on the planet earth is a mortal human, a person with flaws and personal circumstances which make things tougher. But the more you have to overcome, the better it will feel when you do, and you absolutely will if you just follow the philosophy of “The harder I work, the better I think, the more financial blogs and lifestyle blogs and information I read, the more motivational speeches and videos I watch, the more fuel I will have in the tank for when the going gets hard, or when times seem at their most bleak. All hard times will eventually pass, its a law of nature. All obstacles can, and will be overcome. If your mind and body is tired, then get some sleep, you will always awake with just a little more in the tank than you thought you had left. Let time pass without paying attention to it and you will find that the task you thought you couldnt complete minutes, hours, days, weeks or months ago is done, and its time to break down the next wall. Success rarely comes overnight for anyone. But success is not something that can be really appreciated if you dont have to earn it, if you dont have to force yourself every single day to be the best you can be.

Have role models. People who have achieved greatness inside or even outside of your field. Evander Holyfield was a struggling young man of a naturally light build. A physical late bloomer who was the youngest of his siblings. He overcame all the people who said “It cant be done” and became an olympic medallist and a four time undisputed World Heavyweight boxing champion. In this life there will always be people telling you that “it cant be done”, or “you dont have what it takes” but time and time again, the naysayers are thwarted by the results of people who believe. People who work towards their goals in much the same way as someone who has NO OTHER CHOICE than to succeed. Because for people who REALLY desire success, and financial accomplishment, and better lives for themselves and their loved ones, THERE IS no other choice. I bet that most of you here today can feel it in your mind and in your heart, and more than that your soul, that there is an inevitability to your success because you will it to be so. That doesnt mean that you wont have setbacks, quite the opposite in fact. But time and time again you will pick yourself up and keeping driving forward, when everyone tells you its madness, and that any success you have acheived thus far is luck, you will drive forward, keep driving forward towards something you know to be true. Something nigh on the edge of a religous fervour will burn inside you, the fire will not stop burning until it is quenched by the waters of glory. Just remember that nearly every single rich successful person on the planet started off with what you have, nothing but your body, your mind, and your desire. You have the EXACT same skillset as them. Use the internet, use the library to read books on how other people have achieved success. Its ok to have the desire but not know how to get to where you NEED to be, but its not ok to not push yourself towards what you NEED. Ask advice from your elders, listen to motivational speeches, do research, dig deep within yourself to find that which brings glory, and never use the excuses of “ I dont have time, I dont have the skills, I dont have the financial backing”. Benjamin Franklin created a schedule during his lifetime which is still in use by many successfuly people today. Look it up. Arnold Schwarzennegger, a young austrian came to America with next to nothing, but became the worlds best bodybuilder and highest paid moviestar of all time. They told him “your accent is too strong, your body is not right for movies” but he created his own niche, he took acting lessons, and achieved everything that he had dreamed of when looking at a poster of Reg Park on his bedroom wall as a teenager. He started off with the same as what you have.

Never forget you are human, and all the great achievements in history have been done by people who started out with the same basic humanity as you.