Sunday, 14 September 2014

How to get a free car FINAL update! Challenge Achieved!!

Sometimes life has a strange way of firing coincidence after coincidence. Above pictured is the car I got FOR FREE and it is the EXACT Sisley 4x4 Fiat Panda I was searching for! Below is how this happened:

I left my work early on a friday recently, and went home, strangely for me the first thing I did when I got home was log into the Fiat Forum where I am a member (big shout out, its a great forum) and the top post was someone offering a Fiat Panda Sisley to anyone who would take it! All they wanted in return was a £50 donation to a Dogs Charity, I figured someone had already private messaged the seller but I messaged her anyway stating my interest in the car and could I phone her tonight to ask some questions. She replied very quickly with her telephone number and we talked on the phone, I asked all the usual questions one would ask when buying a classic car, miles condition etc and it all sounded good. The car had been sitting for 5 years and would need work, but I enjoy working on cars so if anything this was a bonus. I received some photos of the car and agreed to buy it there and then.

I then had to arrange transport. I used as the car was in London, undriveable and I am in Scotland. The price for transportation came in at £430 at first, but then companies started bidding AGAINST each other for my business! I eventually got the car transported for £142!!!! There was a bit of hassle as the company had multiple failed attempts due to their tranpsorter breaking down, but after a few weeks I got the call that they were picking it up and would be delivering it to me the next day, which they did.

Its an awesome car which needs a lot of work, but its the perfect car I was looking for, the seller was a lovely lady who just wants to see it back on the road, and the total cost including transportation and the charity donation (which I made before I got the car) came in at under the amount I had saved, I COULDNT BELIEVE MY LUCK.

So it just goes to show you, the method I have detailed DOES WORK as I had the money saved for this car, and the car itself was free as I got it off the forum.

Dream big folks, you too can have your dream car, here is mine arriving on my driveway: