Friday, 20 September 2013

The last few days before payday, a post by a Scottish man

Ok, I'm interested, I've talked about the NEED for doing fun things with your money, and including these in your budget. It doesn't have to be much, a trip to the cinema or bowling etc. And there is never a more important time to have fun that the last few days before payday!

Now, being a Scot my idea of fun is watching the 80's night special on channel 4 with a munchy box. For those who don't live in the heart attack capital of the world, a munchy box is a pizza box filled with all the most artery hardening delicious food you can imagine. Depending on the takeaway you could have chips, pizza, donner meat, pakora, bhagis, spiced onions, sauces, free cans of juice etc and all for ridiculously cheap prices!! And being an NHS employee I get 10% discount from my favourite takeaway!

Please note from a health perspective I DO NOT recommend eating unhealthy food, but I do recommend having the occasional good time doing whatever makes you feel good! Even the occasional large outlay of cash can be an ok thing if you are going to get enjoyment out of it! The moral of my story is:

If you try to save EVERY single penny you will only break yourself sooner than you would allowing yourself a couple of treats a month. Budgets are done so that you can save for your future, future outlays of cash, and to spend smart.