Thursday, 27 March 2014

Free Car savings update no 3

Nectar points: £8.09 (+£0.69)
Quidco:£1.04(No change)
Adsense:£2.59(No change)
Coin Jar:£7.14(+£4.21)
Side Hustle Savings:£57.42(+£57.42)

I couldn't be happier with how this is going, I am updating this on a roughly weekly basis and it looks like my side hustling is starting to pay off! Though I really want to emphasise that my onepoll account is not liquid yet. But the rest is, so not too shabby!

So I am £103.98 closer to buying that FREE CAR! I should stress that I have only changed a few lifestyle habits to do this, I am not doing anything special. Just buying things from ebay that I would normally buy in a shop anyway, and as my regular readers will know I do not spend needlessly. I am happy with this update so far, lets see what the next few weeks bring! Next target should really be £200 :)

Yourbudgetoryourlife folks ;)

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