Monday, 22 July 2013

Credit cards aren't ALWAYS the Devil!

Another controversial post! Some of you readers may have noticed that I have a tendency to go "against the grain" of accepted financial "wisdom". But its true! Credit cards aren't ALWAYS the devil! (In much the same way that guns aren't necessarily bad either, however they could be used for evil depending on the user)

Recently I made a big ticket purchase, and as some of you may know I save a sum of money each month, and anything after my bills and expenses (Including the sum of money that goes directly into savings!) is ALL MINE TO DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH!! Generally this consists of a few takeaways, maybe going to the cinema or go karting and maybe some DVDs. All relatively inexpensive stuff.

So I put the big ticket purchase on my credit card, which gives me 56 days without incurring ANY INTEREST WHATSOEVER. So that way, I can use any extra money I get from valeting cars, and some of my spare money, to pay off the credit card BEFORE I incur any interest charges, and ON TOP OF THAT INCREDIBLE COOLNESS, I can save the normal amount every month!

So if you check the terms of your credit card, then you CAN make it work FOR you rather than against you!

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