Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Am I "Lucky" to have a good job?

A couple of years ago a "friend" of mine (who is still unemployed btw) told me that I was "Lucky" to have got a job when I did. At the time I got my current job, (after working for 6 months in an office for £50 a week doing 40+ hours a day of high stress steel and fixings ordering, as well as cleaning and whatever else I was asked to do)  my peers were at university, studying things like "Media studies" and "party planning" and taking out crazy amounts of student loans. He said that it was so much harder to get a job now that the recession has taken a firm hold.

This REALLY annoyed me, should I be considered lucky because I have a good permanant job that allows me to work overtime and has good working conditions?

My personal view on it is that I worked VERY hard in my first job, then transfered my acquired skills to my current job (which I have held for 7 years) gaining a permanant contract after a successful interview merely 6 months into my working there. I worked hard, and continue to work hard to achieve my goals both inside and outside of work. I work overtime in the evenings and at weekends I valet (american readers read wash) cars for money to reach my goals faster.

I realise that the current financial climate makes it extremely difficult to get a job, but when I got my current job in 2007 it wasn't exactly easy! I had to go for many interviews, and try for all types of job, I just wanted to be working and earning money! I guess at the time my "friend" would have been having a much easier time doing a waste of time course at College to avoid working, and to party and have a good time. I have done without a lot in my life so I could get to where I want to be. Do I consider my fortunate position now luck? HELL NO I made my own luck, and I don't see why anyone else couldn't do the same. Im fortunate yes, but I made my own fortunes, my own opportunitys and my own "luck" (I don't believe in luck as such) through hard work and doing without things which my peers took for granted and are now paying the price for, whereas I have no debt. They all laughed at me 8 years ago, but I bet the majority of them wish they had done the same as me now.

What do you think? Does luck come into it?

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