Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Goals- My thoughts on them

Goals-My thoughts on them
I like to think goals are part of a person’s make-up, a physical or spiritual part of them. I have had many goals in my life, and have achieved some of them, replaced them with new goals, or changed my mind about certain goals and forgotten about them because they were probably dumb thoughts of a teenager (being a travelling guitar player in Britain at 15 years old?? Ok, it may happen for some people, but as I got older I changed my mind) The point is, goals are very personal. Some of my achieved goals have been:
Find the love of my life, (my fiancé) J
Buy a house with a garage, driveway, 3 bedrooms and a back garden
Buy and restore a classic car (My purple panda parade)
Go on a holiday with my best buddy (Egypt in 2009)
Make money from Youtube ($63.00 so far!)
And a few other things which are a bit personal ;) Some of my goals I have still to achieve are:
Go to Austrailia (I had originally planned to emigrate to Austrailia, or at least spend a long time there working etc, but meeting the love of my life changed that )
Marry my fiancé (wedding is booked for August 2014)
Go to Florida USA (Hoping to do this for our honeymoon)
Go to New York City USA in winter
Go to Austria and Germany
Get a new (bigger) garage
Get new house windows
Have kids
Some of my achieved and on the list goals don’t require money to do, but you will notice that the vast majority of them do.
If I was to buy/do everything I want to do starting tomorrow, I would need somewhere in the region of £25000. If I managed to save £500 every month (which I am attempting to do) without spending any, which is very difficult, I would be able to do this in about 4 and a half years. But unfortunetly life doesn’t always work like that, sometimes you have to play the long game, and bide your time. This is very difficult to do, but recently I was talking with J Money who runs budgetsaresexy.com blog, (Its amazing, check it out!) and his advice on the question of the long game was basically to break all my goals up into chunks, and celebrate at markers along the way! It doesn’t have to be an expensive celebration, just maybe bake some cakes and have a little party, or go to the cinema or something, but breaking up the goals and celebrating markers along the way definitely will help things! So I wanted to pass that info along! But how do you guys “Play the long game”?

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