Sunday, 1 June 2014

free car savings update number 9

So as some of you could probably have predicted I emptied my savings fund entirely about 2 days after the last update. This was to fund another of my many projects, building my shed.

 But failure is a part of life, and how you react to failure defines you, so I am picking myself up, dusting myself down and getting straight back on the horse. I've also decided to stop counting funds until they are actually liquid, so the total is now as follows (I am hussling hard)

Total: £64.47

I am gutted as this week a PERFECT Sisley came up on everyone's favourite auction site, and it went to someone I know on fiat forum. Fair play to him I hold no grudges, it was my own fault for not having the funds to hand. But the next time a perfect example (for my tastes) comes up I won't be stopped.

So are any of you taking the challenge with me? How are you doing? Comments below folks!

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