Sunday, 6 April 2014

Free Car Savings update No 5

Just look at this bad boy! 1 whole litre of 4 x 4 power. As I have talked about before on this financial blog (which is fast becoming the FREE CAR savings blog!!!) you have to stay motivated when trying to reach a goal. One technique for me is to look at photos and imagine the goal (whatever it may be, not just for free vehicles) so I am currently using the above picture for inspiration. Anyways I digress, lets get some numbers jumping!!

Nectar points-£9.65
Adsense-£2.59 <<<<Will this ever move????
Paid Survey sites-£40.65
Coin Jar-£78.28 <<<Most of this will be moving to the side hustles column, Its just "resting" there right now!
Side Hustle Savings-£62.02

Liquid Total-£151.40

DAMN SON! A cold hard update of £83.07!!! Once again though its not all sunshine, the liquidity of some of these categories is slightly annoying me. Quidco has reached the payout threshold (anything over £1) but Adsense threshold is £60, so a long way to go with that (my youtube views have dropped dramatically and none of my attempts to kick start them again have worked so far) and my Paid survey sites will pay out roughly about £120 as these are actually 3 combined sites which have payout thresholds of £40 each, and they all seem to be moving along at roughly the same rate. So actually liquid total is not as good, only £151.40, which is still pretty good (my side hustles are moving along tidily) at the end of the day. The timescale I am doing this in is probably a minimum of a year, so plenty of time for those categories to become liquid. And a year is not long to wait for a free car really!

So a mixed bag of results, but most definatly on the up and up :) Stay tuned!

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