Thursday, 20 March 2014

Free Car savings update number 2

So here is my second update!

Nectar points: £7.40 (+£1.61)
Quidco:£1.04(No change)
Adsense:£2.59(No change)
Coin Jar:£2.93(New Category)
Side Hustle Savings:£0.00(New Category)


So this month I've switched up my strategy a bit, and added my coin jar and my side hustle savings, and as you can see I recently "cashed out" on these too, so it feels good that I started from nothing with this.

The second thing I want to say is that some of these funds are not "Liquid" yet, which basically means I can't withdraw some of these at the moment, mostly because these things have payout thresholds. I have added my three Onepoll accounts together for the purposes of simplicity, the payout on these is £40, but they are roughly all at the same level and so should payout at roughly the same time, which will be £120!! My adsense payout threshold is £60, and I have quite a way to go with that, but you know me, I will keep hustling! The part I am most excited about is the change in the total, its an add of £19.09, which is more than a 100% rise!! I am excited to see how far this goes, see you for the next update!

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